‘Endless View:’ Luxurious Ludington Residential Project

‘Endless View:’ Luxurious Ludington Residential Project

The Request

Lakeshore building takes experience, and materials used need to be chosen to withstand the challenging weather elements these homes are exposed to. Recognizing the need for expertise and the ability to execute, Scott Christopher Homes invited Buist Sheet Metal into their Endless View project on Ludington’s Lake Michigan shore.

What We Delivered

The architect wanted to have a lake view from every room of the house and to maximize natural light, so expansive glass areas were designed into the exterior of the home. This left little room between windows for siding or wall cladding materials. Buist Sheet Metal knew they had to bring their attention to detail and creativity to provide weathertight exterior cladding details to avoid issues that go hand in hand with the lakeshore’s environment.

Materials Used

  • Standing Seam Panels in Weathered Zinc Color
  • Weathered Zinc Fascia and Box Gutters
  • S-5! ColorGard Snowguards
  • Corrugated Metal Siding in Vintage Color
  • Custom Window Trim and Wall Cladding

Standing seam metal roofing and corrugated metal siding in natural tones complement the exterior natural aesthetic and provide protection against the ever changing conditions of Lake Michigan living. The metal exterior of the home provides a weathertight façade that is both beautiful and low maintenance.

The main living and dining space of the home has exceptionally tall ceilings with second story clerestory windows around the entire perimeter. Buist created a custom window trim detail to provide a watertight barrier in the narrow spaces between each window.

The Results

The Endless View team gave the owners a luxurious new lakeside home that is not only casual and comfortable, but also a modern juxtaposition to the 100 year old home that had previously occupied the property. The metal roofing and siding protecting the home will help fulfill the owners’ dream of having a space to entertain guests and enjoy the best of living at the water’s edge.

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